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WiseGuides IRS EA Exam Study Tools

Since 1995, WiseGuides has successfully prepared thousands of candidates for the I.R.S. Special Enrollment Exam (SEE)

WiseGuides Programs are designed and maintained by a team of I.R.S. Enrolled Agents and CPAs. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned computer and Internet user, a traditional pencil and paper advocate, or somewhere in-between the two, WiseGuides study materials are in a format that meets your preferred learning style. Multi-faceted learning tools, exceptional personalized customer service, and value pricing have made WiseGuides one of the top providers of professional exam study materials for accounting, tax, and other financial professionals.
  • Build-your-own test allows you to focus on your weak spots
  • Unlimited testing improves retention
  • Internet Q & A rationales included in over 2,800 questions

WiseGuides software puts you in complete control of how, when, where, and what you choose to study.

Your progress is tracked on a "real time" basis per topic and in summary. Your total score is updated and displayed in a color-coded bar chart after you answer each question.

Build-your-own test option saves you valuable study time . To design your customized practice test, just select a target score and/or specific topic(s) and number of questions to include. There is no limit to the number of practice tests you may take.

VALUE PRICING AS LOW AS $59 per part! You will not find better prices for such a versatile yet comprehensive study program.

  1. Online Study Questions with Answer Explanations
    • Over 2,880 questions (total for all 3 parts) with detailed answer explanations.

  2. Online Practice Exams with Answer Explanations
    • Unlimited Practice Exams with custom designed exams.

  3. Online eLessons
    • WiseGuides online eLessons are easy to read and provide critical background information that is aligned with the included Internet based Study Questions and Practice Exams software.

  4. Online eStudy Cards (Electronic Flashcards)
    • eStudy Cards are a tried and true study mechanism to enhance mastery of the tested material. There are over 1,600 cards for all 3 parts.

  • Comparison of Tools Included in WiseGuides Study Packages

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  • Internet Question & Answer  Software

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    WiseGuides EA Exam eStudy Cards

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    eLessons - online tax.
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    Comparison of WiseGuides Study Packages

    eCourse Purchased by Part

    eCourse when
    Purchase Price
    with access to 2/28/2019
    $59 per part
    $159 for all 3 parts
    Study Questions Part 1 - 1,380 Questions
    Part 2 - 1,100 Questions
    Part 3 - 480 Questions
    Part 1 - 1,380 Questions
    Part 2 - 1,100 Questions
    Part 3 - 480 Questions
    Practice Exams Unlimited Unlimited
    eLessons 1,290 eLesson Tax Topics 1,290 eLesson Tax Topics
    eStudy Cards
    Optional Add-On
    Part 1 - 700 Questions
    Part 2 - 600 Questions
    Part 3 - 324 Questions
    Optional - $20 per part (1)
    Part 1 - 700 Questions
    Part 2 - 600 Questions
    Part 3 - 324 Questions
    Optional - $49 for all 3 parts (1)
    Expanded Answer Explanations Expanded Answer Explanations
    Linked to eLessons
    Expanded Answer Explanations
    Linked to eLessons
    Learn More
    Guaranteed to Pass Guaranteed to Pass
    Print function Limited printing - Print eLessons by topic
    and Study Questions individually.
    Batch printing - Print all topics in each lesson, and
    all Study Questions by subject matter.
  • Limited printing
  • Batch printing
  • (1) Price when purchased with eCourse. Not available as a separate purchase.

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